For millennia people have believed that the element that gives a structure its strength is cement. This is partly true. The greater part of the answer is rebars – the twisted lengths of metal that stick out from rising buildings. In this near 18 million tonne market, India's best-known rebar brand is TATA TISCON. The rebar brand from Tata Steel is the prominent ISP controlling largest pie of the market. The brand sells through an established network of nearly 4000 dealers across India.

As a leader in this space, TATA TISCON offers a wide range of rebars. Its Super Ductile (SD) rebars for instance, are specially designed for construction in seismic prone zones. Likewise, TATA TISCON 500 grade was developed for heavy-duty structures. These rebars provide superior strength even as they reduce the quantum of steel required. The Fe 500 D grade of steel ensures minimum sulphur and phosphorous content leading to fewer harmful impurities in the steel. Similarly, TATA TISCON corrosion resistance steel (CRS) is made to a unique chemistry - which helps resist corrosion and is particularly useful in coastal areas, or where groundwater is brackish and areas where toxic gas emissions seriously impact the environment.

TATA TISCON operates in a market segment in which people pour in their life's earnings and value its result above everything else. That one act fills us with a sense of huge and abiding responsibility. We, therefore, work obsessively to ensure that the trust reposed is never compromised. Every consumer of TATA TISCON can see this, in the product he buys, in the price he pays and in the service he receives.