Switches & Accessories

Revamp the feel of your interiors with Schneider Electric India’s light switches and electrical sockets that are designed to seamlessly fit themselves every interior & exterior design. The wide range of products are ideal switches for home with close to no worries of any form of electrical damage or injury. The modular product range includes the best electrical switches in India & play key roles in facilitating better control, protection, and smooth functionality of your home environment with innovative characteristics such as natural materials, weatherproof sockets, or even high-tech dimming switches.. Electrical switches can be coined as binary devices, indicating that they can be in two primary states of functionality - either completely off or completely on. In simpler terms, an electric switch is an electronic device that can make or break the performance of an electronic circuit. Therefore, it can be conclusively stated that switches and sockets are of huge importance and, it should be noted that since the adaptation of this unique device, the market has also developed and grown with the grown of technology. While commonly overlooked, these devices are key components of power management in any system. This is where Schneider Electric India’s switches shine through. This contemporary range includes some of the best switches in India.