Conduit Pipes

Precision Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd. is presently the forerunner in the field of electrical pipes and fittings. Since its inception in 1978, Precision has set an example of continuous innovation, upgrading to ever-growing market needs, and changing consumer perceptions. The sole mission and vision that drives us are to be known as the lifeline of every building and thus bring life to every home.


We constantly look for improvement in every aspect of the organization, from material procurement to manufacturing processes to packaging. Achieving total customer satisfaction by continually improvising on the product quality, ease of use, availability, and cost-performance, extend the reach of the customers to the best, latest and cost effective products.


Our mission is to follow standard practices to provide Best Quality Products applying new technologies, better business practices, meeting market expectations and attaining employee satisfaction. On the other hand, we are committed to work in close association with our valued customers, dealers & distributors to comprehend their long-term needs.