Switches & Accessories

Norisys Technology Limited was established in 1987. Ever since Norisys was founded 25 years ago, inherent product quality has been the hallmark of the Company. In order to deliver the highest level of quality available in every respect, our engineers toil with passion and precision. We have always been measured by this benchmark. Norisys products continue to redefine standards in design, materials, processing and technology coupled with the high level of service which we strive to provide for all our customers.

Technical know-how from tradition: Norisys has stood for quality, safety and fine engineering. As a leading switchgear manufacturer, Norisys has pioneered new trend-setting standards ― in switches, sockets, motor starters, miniature circuit breakers for high-specification engineering products.

Naturally, electrical fittings are expected to meet high demands from all customers - they ought to be safe, stylish, durable and tough. All Norisys products have that ‘heavy’ quality in them, which ensures precise performance for several years to come.

An eye for detail can be seen in all Norisys products. Every single product from Norisys has been carefully and painstakingly designed taking care of the fine nuances of usage. Norisys switches can be used to aesthetically highlight the interiors of a room or smoothly integrate themselves into the room.