Conduit Pipes


The konseal® range of high quality PVC products are brought to you by TUBES & TUBINGS, an ISO Certified unit and one of South India's top manufacturing houses. konseal® specializes in PVC Wiring Pipes, Fittings and PVC Channels.konseal® has become the product of choice for responsible Engineers and quality conscious end-users alike.

With its highly organised network of dealers and capacity of over 1000 metric tons per annum, it is not surprising that konseal® rules for wide spread availability, reliability and affordability. Like the material that konseal® dedicates itself to PVC, the company has proven itself to be tough enough to withstand market pressures - and resilient enough to adapt to all kinds of market conditions.

Only Virgin PVC goes into the making of konseal®- offering better quality,better fire resistance,and better shock resistance and 100% recyclable,thus making it environment friendly.