The House of Chettinad began its journey in a humble way in the year 1912 by its founder Dr. Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar, who was a Visionary, Idealist, Entrepreneur, Educationist and Philanthropist of 19th century, who envisioned that the future of his group is to improve the society economically by providing industrial and business development. The core values of the House of Chettinad Strive, Save & Serve continue to remain the same since 1912 with its dynamic vision changing according to times. The group continued the legacy, made the dreams of our beloved founder into reality and reached further heights by another Visionary, Idealist, Entrepreneur, Educationist and Philanthropist by Dr. Raja Sir Muthiah Chettiar, the son of the founder. The growth of Chettinad Group was taken forward with the untiring efforts by the grandson of the founder, Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy, a multi-faceted personality an Entrepreneur, Educationist, Philanthropist, Sportsman and his love towards protecting the arts, culture and values of Tamil, is the present Chairman of the group.

The House of Chettinad is successfully marching towards a centennial year with the hard work and dedication of three generations of the family which stand for its Quality, Integrity and Reliability of the Products, Services and Trading that are being dealt by the group.

In 2000, the present Managing Director, Mr M.A.M.R. Muthiah took over the management of the group, has further expanded the nature and scope of the group's activities. The group is professionally guided and managed by its ambidextrous and dynamic Managing Director Mr M.A.M.R. Muthiah, a professionally qualified individual, having work experience in the United States by having professionals with rich experience. Visioning for the new millennium, the present Managing Director envisaged Industrial, Infrastructural Development, Education and Health Services are the need of this century in which he wanted his group to participate and contribute. Accordingly, planned and increased the production capacity of the existing cement plant in Puliyur at Karur. The two new green site cement plants were commissioned in Ariyalur and Karikali near Dindigul. A new cement plant is being set up at Kallur in Karnataka. For developing infrastructure, the Ennore Coal Terminal was commissioned under Public Private Partnership with Ennore Port Limited. The group is also in the process of putting up coal power generation plant near Tharangambadi in Tamil Nadu, which will produce 1320 MW of power per annum. The vision of our Managing Director is to take the business forward across India within next 5 years and become an all India player. Our Managing Director has been elected unanimously as a president of the cement Manufacturers Association - India in January 2012 and he will continue to hold this position for a term of 2 years. Our Managing Director is the youngest person to be elected to hold this position at the age of 40 years.

Considering the need for quality education, the group established Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology at Puliyur in Karur District and also an institution for higher learning in medical and paramedical sciences under the name of Chettinad Academy and Research Institute (CARE). Hospital attached to the academy is providing world class health care services in the multi-speciality hospital managed by the group. Besides these, the group is also managing schools for children and a special school for differently abled children. Thus the group will accelerate industrial and economic growth, providing quality education, health care especially to Tamilnadu and this country. Our Managing Director is also very much interested in extending the Corporate Social Responsibility to the community around which it operate and better environment management to ensure sustainable development. The Group's turnover is Rs.4, 000 Crores (approx.) the group has provided employment opportunity for more than 5,000 individuals and indirectly for more than 25,000 individuals, thereby lighting lamp in their families.

The future of the House of Chettinad as a corporate is marching towards providing total customer satisfaction providing quality Education, Health and infrastructure facilities to uplift the society, which will continue in the future too.


Chettinad Group will touch and uplift the lives of the people in India through establishing and maintaining world class industrial, infrastructural, educational and health care facilities to give quality of products and services, in which it deals with, to our valuable customers, at a competitive price. Industrial and infrastructural development activities undertaken will provide employment opportunity and economic development. By providing quality education and world class health facility, society will be benefited. We will continue and expand our "Corporate Social Responsibility" and better "environment management" for sustainable development.