Conduit Pipes

Avon plastic industries Pvt LTD is a second generation of uPVC pipes and fittings, manufacturer in Karnataka. Born under one of its founder, shri. Ramjeevanji Bajaj, in 1965. Avon plastic industries Pvt LTD is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company is pioneer in the manufacturing of CPVC, PVC Plumbing, SWR pipes and fittings for hot and cold water piping system in the industrial, residential and commercial building applications. Avonplast manufactures water pipe and fittings for agriculture drip irrigation system, column pipes and casing pipes for submersible pumps. The column pipes for bore well can go up to 1250 feet below the ground level. Avonplast also manufactures Electrical conduits for electrical wiring under the brand name of "BAJAJPLAST"."

All Avonplast pipes and fittings are ISI Certified. Avonplast has the infrastructure capacitated to manufacture over 50000 MT of PVC Pipes and Fittings annually. Currently contracted with 5000 dealers and above. Avonplast has Nationwide market and have got 700 skilled Employees. Avonplast is the second largest manufacturer of PVC Pipes in Karnataka.



Every member of avonplast is committed to living the vision – “to create value for our customers."

We have the Future plan to manufacture the HDPE pipes & Lateral Pipes.Every year we will be adding new products as per the marketing needs and their by achieving every year sustainable growth.